Define / Explain HTML5 , CSS3, PHP, MySQL

HTML5 means HyperText Markup Language. This is the 5th rendition of the code and it used for making the framework on any website. What order things go and where they go.

CSS3 means Cascading Style Sheet. It is code that combined with HTML5 styles out the look of any webpage. From color, responsiveness to mobile to computer, what size fonts are and much more.

PHP was Personal Home Page but now is the acronym for Hypertext Processor. The PHP that we use are WordPress base php inserts or even create our own to embed code into Themes.

MySQL. The My in MySQL is named after its creator’s daughter while SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language. This is used along with PHP helps set up Databases to receive and extract data created in the Database.

Exact adjustments / edits am I actually able to do on my own?

We provide CMS training that will show you how to navigate the backend editor that we use to adjust content on your website, from wording to pictures.

What does the backend look like?

The backend is WordPress based using a visual editor to make it simple for clients to navigate
If a technical/technological update becomes available do we notify them?
We regularly check updates to WordPress so we can update our own themes to keep you up to date. As well as any add-on we have added to your website backend.

What information is needed if they choose to have us take over site or purchase their domain and hosting somewhere else?

What we will need is access to all their old back end and old provider information so that we can safely transfer Domain and Hosting to our own Hosting.
If a person wants to keep their domain with another company we ask that we may have access to the place that the domain was purchased (ie. GoDaddy) so that we may change the DNS to our servers to be able to use the domain with our hosting.

What social media is right for me?

Due to the intricacies of each company and social media platforms this will solely be based on how we feel after talking with one another about your business and how your flow works. It could be as simple as sending out Newsletters to making Social Media Post on a multitude of platforms to gather business and build client traffic.

How many keywords do you use for SEO, can you add more? if so, how does it affect the price?

At 6 Element we use a keyword extractor from the content of your website. If we feel it needs more fluff we will add pertinent words to your MetaData as well add any keywords to ADs that we do for you.
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It sounds simple but in reality is very complex. Through Google, it ranks a website on content, how much traffic it produces, the number of clicks through external links to the website and within the website. To produce these number and grow these Ad campaigns are necessary, such as Newsletter, Word of mouth (ie social media).

How long before you see growth on / from social media?

Growth from Social Media may take time depending on your product and demographic. Nothing is instantaneous and patience is everything.

Why is it important to show reviews on site? What do we do with any negative ones? If you manage our yelp or any other social media, will you reply to customers for us?

Showing Reviews on your website shows that real people have purchased from your website and interacted with you or your workers in a positive way. Replying to Negative Comments means you care about customer experience, which we at 6 Element Designs will help you with if you are under our plan.

Why do your sites show the circle when they load?

The load circle is a fun feature that we like to use. It helps a visitor know when a webpage is loading. The load time for a webpage is dependent on the user’s internet connection. We can easily remove the load circle if the client requests us to do so.

How much storage is available on our website / email?

Depending on content on your website. We will advise you on the space needed for your website. If we Host you we can change the space needed for your website on the fly with your approval.

What are the different types of functions we can offer through a form or contact box?

We can custom make any type of form needed.

Why do pictures add to the cost? Why do you edit them? Is it effective to display most pictures on social media and a few on the site?

Photos and their quality play an integral role in a website’s design. We edit any quality pictures to fit into the size requirements we have made to your website. We also edit pictures to reduce the data size of the picture to help with load times on the website. Also, displaying more pictures on social media and few on your website is dependent on the content of what your website needs to show.

What is the exact data shown in database?

The data shown in your database is mostly logins and product data. We can create a data capture for you where you can View product traffic through a CSV or Excel Format on your E-commerce website.

Do I have to provide all my own content?

Since the client is the expert of their own business, it is preferable for them to provide our team with as much content as possible in order to truly create their vision. If content is not provided we will, however, take pictures of products, purchase stock photos, and/or provide written content within a client’s website at an extra cost.

Do you view my competitors sites when creating my product?

As part of our extensive research to provide you with the best possible website for your business, we may visit the websites of your competitors to get a creative feel for what you are up against and to find out how we can do it better.